Photos of Andalucia Part 3

This week work has been an all consuming endeavor. For good and bad. Little time for thought or action outside of it. My brain is oh so happy it’s Saturday and finally able to get things back in order. Back to some sort of normalcy. Yes, so I finally have a moment to post my next installment of pictures from Spain. These pictures are from Granada. The one thing I wanted from this trip, and not minding if everything else went horribly wrong, was to see the Alhambra. I succeeded, although I messed up a bit on my ticketing. I saw everything, but  some of the best bits I only managed to see at night. I was a bit miffed, but really couldn’t complain. If anything, it gives me reason to go back as I believe I have previously stated. And to have to go back to Granada is something I’d happily do tomorrow. Anyone want to join me this time?  Any ways, on to the pictures. Enjoy.

I got to drive on the right side of the road again! Unfortunately it was in a shitty Kia. I’ll be certain to never ever rent a Kia again. It was embarrassing to struggle up hills.


Market place in central Granada.


Alhambra as seen from Generalife. Generally stunning surroundings leading to a very happy traveler.


Alhambra from below. This view was just a minute from where I was staying.


The Puerta del Vino (the Wine Gate). Lovely Moorish architecture, some of the best design in the history of mankind in my opinion.


Alhambra cats. These guys were everywhere! I managed to touch one of them.


Inside the Nasrid Palace. This is one of the ceilings. All I could think was “I really need to do better work in life.” What I’ve done up to this point is no where near as incredible as what these craftsmen created.


Costal redwoods in the gardens of Generalife. First ones I’ve seen since getting my tattoo. I gave them a nice love pat. Very surprised to see them thriving here in the Sierra Nevadas!


Well, that’ll be it for today. I can’t sing praises enough for the south of Spain. I’m so happy I got a chance to visit there in my life, especially the Alhambra.

I’ve got plans this afternoon to pay a visit to By the Horns brewery in the Earlsfield area, just a couple miles from my house. They’ve been producing some outstanding beers this year and I am looking forward to seeing what their operation looks like. I’m going to bring my Deschutes Brewery growler down to see if there’s anyway I can convince them to fill it up for later enjoyment. Besides that, I’m going to try my best to not think of work and enjoy my weekend. Tomorrow is a big tennis tournament at my club so I’ve got to be on my A game. We shall see. Oh and I’ve signed up for two classes so at some point I need to hunker down and do some classwork. It’s a great feeling to be in learning mode again. I just need to make some time in my schedule to do it! Busy busy. Take care everyone and enjoy the weekend.  Peace and love.

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