Photos of Andalucia Part 2

A few photos from the next day of my journey. This was all still in Malaga and just outside of it at a botanic garden (El Jardín Botánico – Histórico La Concepción).

I believe this means “people doing bike tricks can cross the street.” I quickly found myself a bike.


My first pomegranate tree. Weird and awesome! I wish they were ripe as I would have eaten all of the fruit off the tree.


One of many amazing jumping pictures from the trip. I’m getting much more proficient at timing my jumps to this camera. This one is at the garden.


The Alcazaba in central Malaga. Really beautiful and loaded with wonderful, mature palms and cypress. Some of it dates from as early as the 11th century I think.


This is one of the gardens in the Alcazaba. I loved the use of water from the upper part of the building to this courtyard.


View of the harbor from the Alcazaba. This is why it was a fort. Lovely afternoon to be out in the city.


Roman amphitheatre found not that long ago in 1951 at the base of the Alcazaba. It’s said to date from the 3rd century.

That’s your installment for today. I thought Malaga would be a horrendous tourist trap based on what some had told me. But what I found was something else. A lovely seaside city, lots of trees, gardens, amazing architecture, lots of good food and cheap booze. Oh and sun. Lots and lots of sun. What more could you want out of a place? I do appreciate though that since I came after the high season, I had a much different experience than most would have. Just another benefit to traveling off peak.  Have a good day, friends.





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