Photos of Andalucia Part 1

I started writing a post this weekend about the rest of my trip and emotions and bla bla bla. But I was so bored just writing it stopped and watched football instead. If there’s anything I don’t want it’s for you to be bored of my mega-awesome, fun-to-the-max trip. So I’ve decided to cut to the chase and just post some nice pictures from my trip with a bit of commentary. That’s what you all want any ways. The first batch are from my first couple days in Malaga. Not all the best, but some maybe with a good anecdote. And on to the pics….

First meal in Spain. Assorted fried fish, fried aubergine and a san miguel. A bit hard on the heart, but delicious.

A view from the roof of my hostel. Had a bit of wine on the terrace and did some reading.

Plaza de Merced where I watch Barcelona’s champions league match. Left at halftime though as my cold was getting really too much for me.

Feet in the Mediterranean. The water was very clear. Clearest sea water I’ve seen in a while. Too bad I was feeling so ill or else I would have gotten my babin’ suit and laid out one afternoon.

Garden next to Malaga city hall. Lemon or orange trees everywhere! A bit too early for picking though.

That’s all for today. I’ve got reading to do. I hope to post a few pictures everyday for the next few days. It’s a busy week after work each day, but I’ll try my best.  Thanks everyone.

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