More Granada

Ok, so I am writing again today. I had to get more internet time to look up an address, so I may as well make the most of the hour I have on the computers here at the Hostel. So Granada is pretty amazeballs. If I could post some of my pictures to this post, I would. If you haven´t been here, try to make your way. It will be well worth it. I´m in one of the nicest hostels I´ve ever stayed at and it´s right at the foot of Alhambra. The hostel has a courtyard in the middle, which is nice to hang out in and drink wine. If you go to the 3rd floor you can look at the Alhambra. I was supposed to be in a deluxe room while here which had views of the Alhambra but for some reason they aren´t available at the moment. I think I will survive but it would have been badass.

I´ve spent the past two days walking around the Alhambra,  wandering the streets of the city and reading quite a lot.  I had a near breakdown the night I arrived. I bought a ticket to see the Alhambra at night. I made my way up early, ready to take some great night shots of the building and courtyards etc. As I sat there trying to work on the right exposure for my pictures, my battery light for my camera started blinking that it was dead. Cue me having a freakout as my extra battery was back at the hostel. What a school girl error! So I sat there waiting to go in, jealous of everyone around me snapping pictures, fiddling with their camera settings, thinking that I may have a shot or two left on my battery before it died. I got in and started taking pictures, being a bit conservative on what I shot. And slowly realized my camera gave me a false alarm. It had quite a lot of charge left in it and I was able to take pictures of everything I wanted. In fact, the battery lasted all of the next day as well. Disaster averted. I always carry an extra battery with me and this was the one time I didn´t and it was almost bad. So, kids, remember always always carry an extra battery. Especially when you´re visiting a place you´ve wanted to visit for the last 12 years.

After recovering from that episode I bought Washington Irving´s book about the Alhambra and started reading it yesterday. Cause it´s always a special thing when you can be in the place where a book is set. It makes it easier to picture where things are happening and why they are happening. It gives you a greater sense of the place you are. It has been very relaxing and enjoyable.  I would like to have someone else here with me to share some of the things I´ve seen and done. Mostly though, it´s been good to be here on my own. I have a lot to contemplate at the moment.

The nights in Granada are brisk as it´s in the Sierra Nevadas. I have missed the cool evenings that mountain life offer. I have been out late one of the nights drinking beer, eating tapas. As it´s my last night here, I think I´ll go out for a jolly night cap later on. But seeing as it was a bit colder today than it was the other two days, I may be able to break out my jeans and jacket. Cray cray, I know. Oh and if I can get a picture of the dripping pig´s legs hanging from the bars here I will. I believe the meat has been cured and is just sweating? I´m not really sure, but I´m glad they´ve taken the precaution to have little drip cups on the legs as I wouldn´t want whatever it is dripping on my head while I drink cervezas.

Tomorrow I go to see some mountainy stuff, that´s if I can find it. I was supposed to have a GPS with my car, but they informed me when I went to rent my car that they didn´t have any GPS working. I asked for a map at least and they had nothing to give me. I told them I was going to Granada but I had other places to go as well, but they didn´t seem to care in the slightest. In the end, I got a map from a gas station along the way to Granada. Unfortunately it´s not very detailed as it´s a map of Spain and Portugal. I think it´ll be ok though as I managed to get to Granada and find my hostel having no idea where I was going or where I could park the car. Getting out of Granada tomorrow may be a trickier task.

Also, good news, I can check my email after thinking it would be inaccessible sans ipod, ipad or iphone. So if you need to email me, I will be able to get it in the next couple days. I will be back in Londontown on Friday barring any major disasters here in Spain.

I don´t really know what else to report here. I´m a bit stuck in my head, thinking away to report what´s going on around me. Apologies, but do look forward to some pictures soon on the blog. I need to get some postcards out today. If you´re lucky and I have your address, you may just get one in the mail. That´s it folks. I hope you´re all well and happy. Ta ta.

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