Not a bad way to spend a Saturday

The sun shone brightly on me and my friends

The sun was shining, there was a street party and a reasonable amount of booze available to drink. I can’t think of any better place to be than sitting outside in a bouffant wig and dress enjoying the sights and sounds of a Southwest London street party for a whole day.  It was super duper fun. And I managed not to be too hung over the next morning. That allowed me to play a few hours of tennis on Sunday at the club. A fast and fantastic weekend.

My bike rack doubles as a drinks holder.

Me and Stu swapping wigs. I think he pulls off the bouffant nicely for a Scot. The curly ginger doesn’t work for me though. Thoughts?

Yeah the street party was being held on the street my local is on. There were two different bands which played. One was a rocky/punk band who weren’t half bad. They were followed by a more traditional Irish band who brought the house down. People here love a good Irish song singalong. Me too except I don’t know any of the words.  Oh and that amazing bouffant wig and dress I was sporting in my last post made an appearance. I was the only one dressed up as such in the whole of the street party. I think I made a bit of a scene, but I didn’t care. It was really fun. And by the end of the night, one of my friends had gone home to bring out a few wigs and a bit of a costume as well. The dressing up was a bit of a bet to see if I would do it. Never challenge me to a dressing up contest because I will always come through.

Any ways, that’s what kind of shenanigans are happening here. I like it. Hopefully they continue well into the Autumn along with the nice weather. Doesn’t look promising on the weather front though.

So yep just a quick hi and spreading some pictures for your delight.  Have a nice week everyone.

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3 thoughts on “Not a bad way to spend a Saturday

  1. Jennie

    You need the tapeworm dress. I’ll ask Aimee if she still has it.

  2. Ralph Beckford

    Now, that’s one healthy, safe looking woman!

  3. Ralph Beckford

    Sorry, the above comment was for the previous post – I’m so bad at this…

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