Easter Monday

Cloudy days.....

Today I’m not so sure about a lot of things. Probably due to being under-employed. And it’s been very cloudy and rainy in the last week. Plus it’s the end of a holiday weekend. Yes, indeed all of this has left me far to contemplative for my own good.  I think I need to get back in to meditation. It really did help me sort my brain out a bit and not to feel so meh. And I swear every year about this time I have a dip in life and come out shining in another 4 or 5 weeks. So perhaps I just need to keep on course and know things will be better soon enough.  I also think I need to go on a long holiday somewhere new and beautiful. I need to get off this island that is for sure. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

In other less-meh newsI had a nice Easter cookout with my roommate. I’ve been showered with the culinary delights of Poland and Lithuania over the last few months. And much to my happiness it’s all been pretty delicious. My Polish roommate yesterday made kebabs (which he kept telling me were not called kebabs) out of mushrooms, onions, chicken/beef and pickles. Yeah, pickles. Rando, but

Polish kebab

actually spectacularly delicious on a kebab. He also had some sort of nice sauce on it all.  My contribution was some cumberland sausages and potatoes with garlic and onions wrapped in foil. The potatoes I was planning to share, but my roommate proceeded to dump all of them onto the bbq when they were done. He managed to salvage about half them, the half I got to eat.  I won’t hold it against him for too long. But it was a good day of food on Easter. I’m glad I was able to salvage an appetite by the end of the day. Saturday night was a bit cray and Sunday morning was a bit rough. But I’m still here. Today I am focused on re-hydrating to regular levels.

This week I’m going to be gardening for work. Boo. Mega boo. I’m really not looking forward to doing it. For something I was so very passionate about for a long time, I am no longer passionate. Perhaps it’s my pay rate and my underused skills and qualifications which nag at me. I worked last Thursday hauling bags of compost around a garden. Wet, big bags of compost. In the back of my brain, while I struggled to lug the 60lb bags of compost from one location to the next I thought “didn’t I get a Masters degree so I wouldn’t have to do this anymore?” Unforch the current economic conditions say “no, you will haul bags for minuscule wages.”

Neat place to be working. Although I'd rather be relaxing there instead.

So great. Let’s hope some happy, desirable job pops up soon. The only upside to doing gardening in London is some of the pretty fantastic locations I get to work. It’s the only bright bit for me.  Before hauling compost I was mowing at a property along the Thames by Wandsworth Bridge.  That was kind of nice. And the location of compost moving was a cool private square in Westminster.

I think that’s all I have to offer you this week. I want some better submissions for questions for me to answer. I think I only got one decent one (THANK YOU MARY) and the rest of you are just jackasses. I can answer one right now from my sister Kris: I won’t be moving to Greenwood anytime soon. Soz. Please submit some good questions and I will be happy to answer soon. I have been horrible at writing much lately and I need to turn that around. Now is the time.

Ok, kids. Have a good week.  TTYL

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