A quick hello

Life is frantic! Non-stop crazy times here at the moment. Had a couple friends in from the states this weekend.  Really good time. But I didn’t get my weekend time to recharge my life batteries. Compounded with excessive drinking, well, yeah. I should feel a lot worse than I do, so I won’t complain too much. And as I always have to remind myself, I will remember the excellent times spent with people or doing things and I will forget about how exhausted I was the next day.

I’m done with work on Friday, so I will have a bit more free time.  I say a bit as I’m still going to be working on other things and also preparing for another round of visitors. Pretty nice how many people I get to see and I don’t have to go any where. This weekend I will attempt to get a couple parks and gardens updates in as my pictures are becoming obsolete to some extent as spring has decided to show up! All of the flowers and tree blossoms are pretty fantastic and I want to share it all with you.

On that note, I leave you with a lovely picture from this weekend when my friend Ali and I were at Borough Market. We stopped for a bit and had some farmhouse cider outside Southwark Cathedral.  A friendly reminder to check out my previous post about sending me questions about what to write about. I’ve already received a few and they are pretty good.  Keep them coming!

Cherry blossoms at Southwark

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