Taking stock

Sometimes it’s necessary to step back and look at what you have around you. And for me, I have London. After a good, boozy

Eye on the Thames

night out with co-workers in Covent Garden, I bypassed the tube from Embankment to Victoria and instead treated myself to a walk along the Thames. Yesterday was the first time I can think of in the last few weeks/months where it hasn’t been OOC windy. The North embankment was mostly empty with only a few tourists about. Personally I find Westminster more beautiful lit up at night rather than in the day. And on top of that, you don’t have to fight through the mobs of people stopping to take pictures, thousands of tour buses and angry cabbies zooming through the area. It’s lovely.

Today I slept late and eventually gathered enough energy to pick up my bike from work and then head down to Borough Market to pick up some food.  The market was busy with people taking pictures of their significant others holding steaming piles of delicious foods and others mostly getting in the way. I really love the market, but the congestion of the place and lack of places to park a bike are on the verge of having me not go there anymore. That’s a real shame honestly.

After walking a while I finally found a place to lock my bicycle up. I have been extremely nervous to leave my bike out anywhere in London that isn’t uber secure.  When I do leave it out, I’m left stressing about it’s safety and hurrying along whatever I have going on.  I should probably stick to the train and boris biking in order to calm my nerves.

Should be a quiet weekend here. Tomorrow I’m planning to knock out the rest of my book and be able to return it to the library on Monday.  I know. Being 29 and living a rather solitary life is enthralling….. Take care everyone.

Pashley locked up. London style.

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