2011 New Years Resolutions update

Well, 2012 is only 52 hours away and I think that means I should have completed my new years resolutions for 2011.  I am currently tucked cosily into my bed as it’s about 40 degrees fahrenheit in my house. I think my feet are hovering around 45 degrees.
Let me recap what my resolutions were for 2011 and then I will chat about their progress.

1.Read not-yet-read 10 books from that BBC list. To be quite honest, I haven’t looked at this list since January as I usually have a good memory of what my goals are. On this occasion though, my memory failed and I don’t remember writing this at all. I created another goal of reading 30 books (which got inflated to 38/39 due to sibling rivalry) and only focused on that. So mega fail. I managed to read zero books from this list. I think next year this goal will be achieved. More details on that in a couple days. But that’s beside this point.  RESOLUTION FAIL 

2. Do 25 real push ups. I was worried for a few months about being able to do this. But within the last week I am happy to announce that I have done 25 pushups TWICE.  And I will try to do it again before the end of the year. My arms are feeling great. I can honestly say I couldn’t have done 25 at the beginning of the year, so this is a proud moment for me. RESOLUTION WIN 

3.  Get an MSc in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry. At a few tenuous moments this summer, I wasn’t sure I’d finish my dissertation on time. It was not the beautiful prose I envisioned at the start of the course. Yet somewhere in my hobbled sentances and feeble conclusion, my supervisor found something redeeming enough to give me a passing grade. And I somehow passed the rest of my assignments as well.  Thank got that shizz is done.  RESOLUTION WIN 

4.  Move to London. After an epic effort on my part to get down to London as soon as I could after a full day of traveling back to the UK from Indianapolis, I signed my lease for my first home address in London in 7 years on June 1.  Huzzah.  RESOLUTION WIN 

5.  Bike 1500 miles. I think I may have scratched this off my new years resolution list after getting my odometer stolen off my bike.  And although I couldn’t verify the achievement of this goal with an accurate numerical figure, I’m pretty sure I’ve smashed this goal.  Just in the last month alone since getting the Pashley, I’ve cycled 350-400 miles. I should get a new odometer and see how many miles I do next year. I bet it’s over 2000.  RESOLUTION WIN 

6.  Give more love to the world. I think I’ve done this. I’ve tried to be nice and more compassionate. And most importantly, love myself more. And if you love yourself you’re capable of giving away more love! RESOLUTION WIN 

7. Chew my nails less.


5 out of 7, not bad!  I’ll be back in the next couple days with a recap of the year and my resolutions for 2012. Cheers all.

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