Puttering along

Winter is just around the corner. Light is fading early in the day. I do a lot of cycling in the dark and near dark to

A bit of my daily commute over Waterloo Bridge

and from work.  And as of this week, I can feel myself going into winter hibernation mode. I want to stay in, wear 4 layers of clothing, drink tea and do a lot of reading. Given my lack of expendable income, it’s probably a good option. Now that I think about it, I’m always particularly skint in the month of December. It’s certainly not from buying Christmas gifts as I never do such a thing.  And this year it’s not even from buying Christmas cards, the 2nd year I won’t be sending any out, which really breaks my heart. This year I’m aiming to do something at least partially creative and get something out to family and close friends. We shall see how December progresses.

I’m in my 3rd week of work at the council. It’s a totally rad job and I still am in love with it. I’m getting a better feel for what I need to accomplish everyday.  The office is very laid back with everyone just taking care of their shit. I realize I am just a minion tree officer with not very many responsibilities, but it’s somewhere to start. And everyday I’m learning so much about trees and their managment. You wouldn’t believe the amount of time and resources that go into managing trees in a city. It is a significant undertaking. And I am happy to be working at a council who takes it seriously. Well up until at least March when their funding may get drastically cut. But let’s not think about that as it’s still November for a few more hours and March is ages away.

Onto something way more fun.  New bike!  My first new bike in over 4 years!  The new Pashley bicycle sitting in my room is my dream bike.  Don’t know if I could ever bring myself to buy another bicycle again after having a Pashley. A tricycle is another story. Still plenty of room (well maybe not really) for a tricycle in my room.  A tricycle with a cooler and umbrella specifically. For when I move to that California beach town in my retirement years and sell organic-free-range-locally-sourced-vegan ice cream.  Yeah, so the new bicycle is making my 22 mile round trip commute a bit easier than it was on the Schwinn. I still love Schwinn bike whole heartedly, but it will be resigned to  leisure rides, use when visitors come and riding to the pub. I think really that’s all it was designed to handle and I was pressing my luck with my insane commute on my white wall tires. So in the end we’re all happy.

Ok, I’ve been sitting in front of a computer for most of the day and I do not wish to continue this. I am retiring to my bed for a solid hour of reading before my 10 PM bed time rolls around.  Yeah, I really know how to party these days. I will leave you with a picture from inside Emirate Stadium on Saturday. I went to see Fulham play Arsenal in definitely the best premiership game I’ve so far seen.  There was even a glimmer of hope for about 15 minutes where Fulham looked like they were going to record their first victory against Arsenal in 63 years or something ridiculous. Alas, it was not meant to be and it ended in a 1-1 draw.  Still a great game and great atmosphere. Ok, peace out!

The Emirates...I got there a little bit earlier than I expected.

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