Just a smidgen of an update

Lovely, relaxing weekend here in London. Well, if you consider a 25ish mile tour of London through the most

The only time I've ever felt safe cycling through Parliament Square.

dangerous junctions for cyclists with 200 other cyclists lovely and relaxing. I do. It’s good to be back on my bike after too long of hiatus. When Eric was here I was starting to go mad as he will probably be more happy to attest. Walking is fine and dandy, but I’m definitely a cyclist. I digress. I was speaking of the Tour du Danger on Saturday, which set about to highlight the perils of being a cyclist in London. They are many and they are great. On the eve of the tour a 15th person was killed on a bike this year in London. I’m hoping TfL and the Mayor will take serious note of the ride and make cyclist (and pedestrians!) safety the bigger priority. I know I keep my wits about me and I still get rather too close to serious accidents more than I like. I can’t imagine someone who is cycling with a child or less able bodied than myself wanting to take the risk to cycle in the city regularly. This is what the Mayor should be focusing on providing for the cyclists.

Tomorrow I start my new job. I’ll also be sending in my work visa stuff this week. Let’s hope the UK Home Office deems me OK to stay for (at least) the next two years or else my new job isn’t going to last very long. And I don’t want that. Besides that I’ll be looking to kick off some serious toning up and slimming down of my body. My multiple full

Bike Nation!

English and Full Scottish breakfasts on holiday coupled with some serious drinking in the last month and commuting by train and van has not had me feeling as good as I’d like. Getting fit should be easy with my 20 mile round trip commute via cycle and more free time in the evenings to get some running or exercising in after work. The goal is to get to my fighting weight by the new year (even though I don’t have a scale to take my weight. I’ll know.). I want to ring in 2012 feeling the best ever.

I’m off to sleep land. Want to look bright eyed and bushy tailed on my first day as an office worker!  TTYL



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