Holiday from the holiday

Me watching a cat, watching a cat

Eric’s somewhere in the sky right now over the Atlantic flying back state side. I’m drinking tea, watching my cat, Piccadilly stare at another cat in the back yard. This is the kind of fun I have when no one is here to keep me busy with traveling and sightseeing.

My highlights for our time in London included the two Fulham matches we attended. One was Europa league matchvs. Wisla Krakow and the other was a Premiere leauge match against Tottenham.  The Tottenham one was heart wrenching as we outplayed them, but couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net.  And we definitely got robbed of an obvious handball in the Tottenham box. Fulham are playing good football and I think by the end of the season, we’ll be in a spot in the league that shows our side’s strength.

Besides football, I really enjoyed our North London (to central London) pub crawl on Saturday. We were able to make it to some new pubs and efficiently found some nice hoppy beers, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Our trip took us to the Southampton Armsin Hampstead, which was recently crowned CAMRA London pub of the year. I have to thoroughly agree with them as the pub had the best selection of ales and cider on tap I’ve seen and the pub itself was delightful.

First pint at Southampton Arms. It won't be my last.

The fireplace crackling and the records playing just made it oh so much better. It was a bit of a shame that it was our first stop as I could have spent all day there.  Our pub crawl continued to Stoke Newington to the Jolly Butchers.  I enjoy the Jolly Butchers and happy that if I ever get homesick for Oregon, I can go there. The place has either been airlifted from the city (including the hipsters) or every pub in Portland has used the Jolly Butchers as a template for it’s design. They do have an excellent collection of beer and cider available.  Plus the food (which I have yet to try outside of some chips) looks really yummy. From there we went down to Euston to the Euston Tap. This one is located right out front of Euston train station in a small building which manages to hold a lot of good beer and a lot of happy customers. It happened to be celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary that day and I do remember finding out about it shortly after Eric’s trip here last year. It was warm enough outside next to the heaters to enjoy our pint there and enjoy the loudness of the Bonfire Night fireworks. After this we made it all the way down to the Cittie of Yorke, a Samuel Smith’s pub.  We had our

Outside at the Euston Tap

final pint of the night there and went home.  We both had come down with a pretty bad cold the day before and we were both struggling to keep going after a full day of cold fighting and beer drinking.

It was a crazy, fun 2 weeks with Eric over here. We saw a good bit of Scotland and did some wonderful exploring of London. But now I have a hundred things to get back to working on. And a new job to start next Monday. The new job should be a real kick in the pants and a foray into the maintenance of trees where I need to do a lot of learning. I’ll be working for a council for the next 4 1/2 months and hoping to get a lot out of the job.  I’m very much looking forward to working with the people at the council and hoping I don’t make a fool of myself. On top of that, I have a few other side projects that you may be hearing more about at a later date.

The rest of this week I’ll be filling out the paperwork for my work visa so I can continue to stay in this country. I’m also predicting a lot of reading, writing and general taking it easy. It’s been so long since I’ve had some proper PROPER time off so I intend to use it wisely. Have a good week, folks!

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