the blustery air of London

The clouds of doom keep appearing over my house tonight as they have for the last couple days.  I take these intervals of sunshine and and intense death clouds as a good metaphor to what is happening in London at the moment.  Everything is quite unstable.  The riots are continuing tonight as they have for the last two nights.  And they are spreading across the city.  The first night of riots occurred in the Northeast part of London, in Wood Green and Tottenham.  This is about 15 miles from where I am.  But last night the riots spread to other parts of the city like Brixton and Walthamstow.   Brixton is just a couple miles from my house and honestly, I’m quite shocked to have heard of looting and arson happening there.  It’s got a spotty past, but it is quite a nice, vibrant, fun area to be these days.  And I was just there cycling through Brixton Road on Saturday morning.  There was no sign that there was going to be any such problems happening there just 30 hours later.

And now tonight there are more riots breaking out in Hackney (East London), Peckham and Lewisham.  I was just in Lewisham today and I pondered weather riots would erupt there as it is a pretty rough area.  And it’s happening.  There are rumors that there might be riots set to happen in Croydon, but that’s just twitter/house/street gossip at the moment.    Let’s hope it doesn’t.  I just ran to the shop and people seemed pretty on edge.  A lady had closed her shop early tonight.  I can’t imagine Norbury going up in flames as it’s a pretty quiet high street.  But you never know.

Boris has decided to finally pull himself away from his August hols and come back and maybe do something about the violence.

It’s disgraceful and horrible that the riots are happening, but they also reveal a social inequity.  I’m mad too about how the future looks for me and people in my generation.  And those especially who are younger.  People are being left behind and no one seems to really care.  Life and finding a decent job is going to be a lot harder for us than the generations before us.

So let’s all hope these riots ends soon.  And no one dies.  I hate that it’s against the police.  It’s not the police officers fault.  They are just trying to do their job.  It’s about government policy and social inequity and injustice.  It’s disgusting.
Stay safe tonight, London.  Stay safe as best you can.

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