Get er done

This weekend is the weekend where the dissertation gets pretty much completed.  It’s about time too.  But not before I post on my blog.  Actually I’m just stalling as I really just want my iTunes adventure to end before I start writing.  That way I can choose my music while I write and not be restricted to whatever is next alphabetically.
Current iTunes track:   Unknown artist – “Track 02” song 4708 out of 4715.  Yeah, I’m on songs which have no artist nor name.  I think this might be some of Robby’s music as it’s all old timey sounding.  We’ll see if that holds.  Ok, next song is definitely Robby singing.  I guess I could at least label it as “Robby.”

Been a good week here.  Just working and surviving at the moment.   Oh actually, I spent sometime with Tera and Ben Sunday night.  Not enough time, so I hope they come back for a visit soon.  I’m gettin super fucking pumped to have a social life and free time again in just a few weeks.  I have Jimmy and Elizabeth to meet up with in a few weeks and I will be happy to go out with them and not be fretting about said dissertation.  I haven’t known life over here without having to worry about an essay to write. Part of me thinks I won’t know what to do with myself.  Sure I’ll come up with something.

Actually, I have come up with some things.  Going to plan some good expedition bike rides.  If I can save a few pennies, I will get a tent so I can maybe ride my bike some where (south coast?) for the weekend, camp and then ride back.  Basically anything that is totally free is the only thing in my price range at the moment.  Times are real tough.

Blackfriars flashride

Speaking of bike rides, I went to a flashride (my first) yesterday for a protest against raising the speed limit on Blackfriars bridge.  It had to have about 400 cyclists participating from what I could guess.  Some say more, some say less.  It all lasted about 30-40 minutes where we shut down the bridge to all motorized traffic except for a few impatient motorcyclists, a scooter and a po-po on a motorcycle.  It was quiet an achievement that I even made it on time.  I have to drop my work van off in Raynes Park and then cycle straight to Blackfriars.  It took about 1 hour 15 minutes including a 5 minute stop when my chain fell off (must remember to tighten this weekend).  I arrived just a few minutes before it began.   Then pedaled home right after.  Got in a couple good hours of cycle time because of it!  A good thing too as haven’t been able to ride my bike very much this week as I’ve had the work van.

I’ve been considering starting up a cycle powered gardening business here.  This may be a bit of a pipe dream at the moment because it would require some serious investment in a really expensive utility bike (or 2 as I need one person to haul debris and another to haul tools).  Plus, I need to live closer to wherever I would be working.  I think it’s a possibility for me in maybe 5 years.  When I will not be scraping by a living I hope!   And another 5 years could mean substantial upgrades to the cycling infrastructure here.  We’ll see.  I think it’s pretty cool and will look forward to trying to put it together more in the next few years.  What could be more eco-friendly than a cycle run gardening business?  Not much!

Well, good news everyone.  After 4 months and 10 days, my iTunes library has been listened to from beginning to end*.  Wow, that was a long time, much longer than the 2 months I anticipated.  Now I can get back to normal listening habits.  Time to get to writing.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

*I have loaded one CD which hasn’t been listened to yet, a couple random downloaded mp3s as well and all my Christmas music.  I couldn’t do Christmas music in Spring and Summer.

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