research methodology

Well, I could tell you what my research methodology is for my dissertation, but the process of me writing it down is not going very well.  Hence I blog.  I’ve also discovered some new free music on the web as well.  That’s nice.  And I’ve added to my itunes.  My only concern is that it just effed my itunes listening party.  I may have to go through at the end and double back and pick them up.  To be honest, this listening to my iTunes straight through has stopped me from buying new music if only to not mess up my order. That’s a good thing for my ailing bank account.

One of my accounts

It’s Sunday.  Not so sunny.  It was supposed to rain, then the weather report said no it’s going to be dry today.  But looking out the window tells me it may start raining any minute.  Glad I decided to wash my bedding today based on my ability to hang it outside to dry.  I may be sleeping in my sleeping bag today if it doesn’t get sunny soon.

So working on the dissertation today.  I’ve been terrible and not done any writing this week, but I

Kensington Gardens

have done a good bit of research and feel very prepared for my manic writing the rest of the day.  Hopefully what I turn in tomorrow will be enough to appease my supervisor.  I can already see the email coming back to me saying “You haven’t done shit the last 4 months, have you?”  Which is pretty much true.  I still have 2 months to go, which is not much time, but it will have to be enough.  I don’t work well if I’m not under some pressure.  So it will be a good sprint to the finish.

This week of work got much better once I started riding my bike into work.  Two days of train commuting did me in.  One of them was fine.  That was the first day.  The 2nd day was a complete shit show of delayed trains and trains that just never showed up and having to scramble into the city via the underground.  I can see now why everyone looks like they’d be happy to throw themselves under the train if they could get the doors open to do so.  And I wasn’t even traveling with the rush hour lot.  It’s got to be worse.  So now I commute 10 miles via bike into the city to our accounts.  It takes about 40-55 minutes depending on they day.  I get to sleep in a bit more and I was in a noticeably more pleasant mood the rest of the week.  Even getting lost on the way home (although frustrating) wasn’t that bad.  At least I got to see some more streets and know the south west of London a bit better.  This week should be even better as I am getting to know which streets are best to go down and which ones to avoid.  Oh and

Well chuffed to be having a pint at Builders while talking to Matt Fuck on the phone. He was jealous.

on Wednesdays I get to pedal through Kensington Gardens.  Not bad place to be early in the morning.  And I foresee my Thursday beer at Builders Arms becoming a regular thing as well.  So all in all, excellent.  Pretty dang happy with life at the moment.  Looking forward to seeing a few new accounts this week as well.

Time to go hang my clothes outside.  Our washing machine sounds like a jet engine when it’s spinning and the engines just cut out.   Have a good week everyone.


Current iTunes song:  O.A.R. (not oar) – “Ran Away to the Top of the World Today” song 3525 out of 4692.

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  1. pic of account is neato, what plant is that hedged into a square? i’ve always wondered if they measure out cuts like that or if it is just a person with rockin skills and cyborg eyes.

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