I’m feeling a bit over exposed with blogging everyday.  Like nothing is my own any more.  And a bit that people have no need to communicate with me when they can just read everything I do each day on here.   It’s hard enough that I am halfway around the world from basically all of my friends and all my family.  I don’t need to feel any more cut off.  And I’m not trying to be negative Nancy!

When I do have something to share with people, I want to be able to tell them myself.  Not broadcast it to the world.

I may again do a 180 in 3 days, but it’s how I’ve felt for the last few days, so that’s how it should be.  I have enjoyed writing, but I will keep the posts in my own written journal instead.    Sorry, avid readers.

I’ll scale back to blogging when I feel like it.  Maybe when something super neat comes up.

But besides that, meh.   I will say that I’m stressed out tonight because I am convinced my bike is going to get nicked tomorrow when I leave it in central London whilst I work.  Pray for bicycle safety (both riding and storage) tonight.

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