beer and curry

I’ve arrived.  Yes.  This morning, upon waking up after a fantastic night at the pub, I put my arm behind my head.  And I was suddenly overwhelmed with the smell of my BO which happened to distinctly smell like curry and beer (and b0).  Yes, I definitely live in London now.  Yikes.

here's where I've been today. Also, I spy creeper cat.

My body really over punished me for last night.  Seriously, I wasn’t in that bad of shape (ok maybe I was) to necessitate ALL DAY in bed along with the constant removal of all things in my stomach.  So not right.  My big plans to work on my paper today were thwarted and I could only manage to watch everything on my BBC iplayer.  I know life is hard.

So it’s Satruday evening now.  I had to get up and put a little bit of food in my belly, which I have managed to keep down.  I also required a shower.  Now that’s done.  And I’m ready for bed again. Piccadilly is too.  That sweet little cat has been sleeping on my bed rather consistently the last few days.  Today she even came up and wanted some scratchy kitty time with me.  Nothing pleases me more.

Oh, last night.  The pub I went to was excellent.  I made a friend within about 20 seconds of walking in the door.  She and I ended up shutting the pub down, chatting away about everything under the sun.  I was really nice.  The barman also contributed to the conversation quite a bit.  I felt

Yey for P Dilly liking me enough to want to lay on the bed with me.

like I had been going there for years already.  And they had some really nice beers on tap.  One called California which tasted like hops.  So there’s another brewery besides Marble that uses hops in there beer here.  And this brewery brews here in London.  Yey.  Oh and they have a quiz night.  My life here is set.

Alright well Dilly pants and I need to get back to our busy schedule.  We have to find something to stream on the internets.

Good night everyone.

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2 thoughts on “beer and curry

  1. katie

    Wow Colleen. Classy stuff. The clothes hanging on your headboard are also a nice touch. Kind of looks like you got shagged.

    • ldnphile

      cheers. i don’t have a drying rack here yet, so i’m making do. also it’s been raining for the last couple days so no chance to hang up my clothes outside.
      getting shagged? i wouldn’t do that. i’m waiting until marriage. like a good catholic girl.

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