city wandering

Living outside of the city a bit makes going INTO the city pretty neat.  I board a train and a few

The city coming into view.

minutes later the skyline of the city appears in my view.  It makes me happy.  I hope that feeling stays around.
Today I went into the city to pick up some new wall decorations as I couldn’t bare to look at the same 6 posters exclusively in my new abode. So I got new ones at the transport museum.  I should digress and go for different posters other than those produced for the London underground, but they are so neat and all so different.  I can’t help myself.  I did get a few with some poemson them, which is a nice departure.  So I put those up this evening.  And some are a little bit skewed, something I’ll have to fix before Tera shows up here and goes apeshit because they are crooked.  Thanks to her I have an anxiety attack everytime I hang something on the wall.  I think “would Tera think that’s straight?  No she wouldn’t” and I have to take it down and adjust it.

Guess I'm in London or summat.

Usually about 100 times.

Any ways, I ended up walking a lot today.  From one side of the city (Victoria station) to the other (London Bridge via Brick Lane).  It wasn’t my intention.  It just kind of happened.  But it was nice to get out and walk the day away.  I had one beer at a new pub.  I say new because it’s new to me but I believe it’s been around for a couple hundred years in the heart of Westminster, just off of Fleet Street. It was a Samuel Smiths pub (read: cheap, good beer) but it was totally dead as I went there at about 2 in the afternoon.  Nice none the less.  After that I kept walking East and eventually decided to venture all the way to Brick Lane to get a good curry.  Ever since going on the Jack the Ripper tour, I’ve wanted to go there to get curry.  Alas the day has arrived.  I got the curry from a nice Bengalese (?) guy who told me how he blew his chance to go to America and he was jealous that I was from there.  He said I was lucky.  I said “Well, I live here, so you tell me.”  Very nice and he gave me 10% off my meal.  And it was great!  I had it when I got home and there’s plenty of it to last for a couple more meals.  Someone needs to stop me from eating exclusively Southern Asian cuisine.  Perhaps my bank account will nip that issue in the bud shortly.

Any ways, my fingers hurt.  I’ve spent the last few hours attaching various accoutrements to my

Kitted out.

bicycle.  It is totally a city ready cruiser now.  After a few frustrating moments, I got the back rack on and the bike lock holder thingy.  It’s looking ready to hit the roads.  The next step is to get the bags prepared for the back of the bike.  My goal is to make my own and I have a great idea for them, but I will have to wait until we get some windy wet weather to do so.  You’ll see why when they are complete.

Here are some pictures from today.  Also, I have completely fallen off the workout band wagon.  I need to get back on it.  My muscles have atrophied considerably already.   I think I’ll work on that before going to bed.

Current iTunes song:  Midlake – “Anabel” Song 3268 out of 4676

Multitasking: writing AND drinking at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

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2 thoughts on “city wandering

  1. sIRK

    Bear not bare. “I could not bear my bare walls any longer.”

  2. ldnphile

    There must be about 8 grammatical errors in each post, but now you choose to comment on one? I don’t proofread and even if I did I doubt I would have noticed “bare” or “bear.” Thank you. I will be sure not to amend it.

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