Boring town?

I think these posts are going to get real boring really fast as soon as I get inundated with work and the dissertation.  But we’ll try to stay positive at the moment.  Maybe this blog will be my reason to motivate and go do something outside of work and writing this summer.  Let’s hope so.  For both our sakes.

Today I got on the old cruiser and got myself up to Brixton, weaving in and out of double decker buses for the 25 minute ride to the cycle shop.  There’s got to be a better, more efficient way up there than up London Road because I hit about 5,000 stoplights along the way.  It would have taken 15 minutes sans traffic lights.

The purpose of my trip was to get kitted with a basket or back rack.  Well, I went with a rack for the back of my bike.  And I’ve opted to attempt to put it on myself.  Well, it really should be a funny site as it will probably take about 5 hours tomorrow to put it on correctly.  Guess that will keep me busy.  The bike guy said they could put it on for a small fee and I told him I may just be back tomorrow to make that happen.   The bike guy also told me my bike lock was easy to pick and that I should get a new one.  Maybe he was only trying to drive up the sales of bike locks at the shop, but I will heed his advice.  The last thing I need is to get the old bike nicked.  Especially right after putting a nice new rack on the back.  The thing about the rack is that I have no way to attach anything to it.  Something like that probably costs money, which I don’t have at the moment.  I didn’t think this out very well, did I?

Speaking of money, I interviewed for my job today.  I think I got it.  I mean, I hope I did.  It went

Teddington! Cute!

well.  So I really hope I get to start work by next Monday.  Or else I’m going to die of starvation (wonder if a bike rack tastes good?).  I should be alright.  The business is located in the Southwest (of LDN) in Teddington and is about a 45 minute train commute.  Teddington is just as adorable as the name makes it sound.  Lots of cute shops and cafes.  I won’t mind going there every day.  They probably have some decent pubs as well.  If I had a bike with gears I could probably do the commute in the same time as the train.  There’s just no good, direct way to get their via public transport.

I had to spend the evening hashing out some dissertation work.  Weird.  But good.  I’m happy with my result tonight and hopefully I can keep motivated and do some crackin work this weekend.  I’d like to go out either Saturday or Sunday for a big long bike ride through the city, but we’ll see what the comments are on what I submitted.  I may be bringing my laptop along on the ride so I can do some mobile work.

Alright, please enjoy this adorable picture of me and my cat.  It looks like I’m holding her, but I

She sometimes likes me.

wasn’t.  She was enjoying my lap for a change.  She even freaked me out last night by laying on my bed.  I think she may have slept there for a bit as well.  It was nice.  I’m wondering why she’s decided to sleep on my bed again, when she never even once did it in Preston.  Cats are weird.

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One thought on “Boring town?

  1. Eric

    Cats are weird, your cat? Really weird! Good job on the interview! Hope you did get the job. You will be living and working in London. What a great summer you are going to have. We are all jealous!!

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