Miss Sunshine

Current iTunes song:  M.I.A. – “Bingo”  Song 3059 out of 4676.

I decided the other day to start an eclectic mug collection.  In Bend, we had a very nice

#1. What a deal at 49p!

collection of pint glasses.  I’d do the same here, but truth be told I drink far more tea here than I do beer.   Especially at home.  So today I picked up my first mug:  Little Miss Sunshine.  The mug was only 49p at a charity shop in Brixton.  Bargain.  My rules for the mug buying are the following:
1.  No more than 1 pound in price.
2. Must be cool and kitchy.
3. Eventually need to get some sort of wedding one.

That last rule is going to be fun.  I’d like to get a Wills and Kate mug but they are running at £3 and up.  The other day I was watching a show which was recently produced and the host had a Fergie and Andrew wedding mug.  I’d like to get one of those.  Or maybe a Charlie and Di one.  Probably no chance of finding a Liz and Phil one, eh?  So that’s my new mission.  It will be fun.

Soon to be at Chelsea Flower Show level.

Today I ventured all over creation in search of a couple crucial items.  These included a pruning saw, gloves and light bulbs.  Can I just state that I don’t like IKEA?  I had to go all the way to IKEA to find the stupid light bulbs to fit my light fixture.  Why can’t you just make your lighting fixtures take normal bulbs?  Seriously?  IKEA is over an hour train and bus ride away.  The only good part about the long journey was that I was able to finish my book.  Besides that, it sucked.

I stopped on my way to IKEA at the nice Garden Center in Camden to get my pruning saw and gloves.  This morning I wanted to do some gardening and I felt completely out of sorts sans gloves and saw.  I didn’t even use the saw, but it was important that I KNEW it was in my pocket ready for use whilst I cleaned up the garden.  You know, just in case I encountered something that my Felcoscouldn’t handle.  I thought we had a lot of green waste bags available so I could do a full clean up on the back yard, but in fact we only had 3 previously used bags, one of them already full.  Not exactly ideal.  They will be emptied on Thursday, so I can tackle the rest of the garden this weekend.  The bit that I did clean up looks way better.  Please disregard the large dead tree in the picture, which I have not yet cut down.  It will be taken out this weekend.

It can't be tamed.

Ok, this post is even boring me.  I’ll leave you with a picture of me, with very untamed hair.  I think I’m due for a haircut to clean up that mess of a mop on my head.






PS – I want to dedicate this post to a certain Little Miss Sunshine who passed away this weekend, Bella.  She was a good, crazy dog.  She put up with more shit than any dog I have ever met.  She was constantly in costume (usually bat costume) or had some special necklaces on.  We had some really good times together.  Things wouldn’t have been nearly as fun in Bend if it weren’t for Bellatrix, #1 Ranger dog.   I am so sad that she left us so suddenly.  I was a bit out of sorts last night and couldn’t bring myself to post when I finally got in last night.  So this post goes out in your memory, Bella.  I’ll always love you.

Rest in Peace, Range. Miss you.

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3 thoughts on “Miss Sunshine

  1. Eric

    RIP Bella…you were ALWAYS fun and entertaining! We got off to a bad start the night we met, as you tried to eat my brand new jacket while I was wearing it, but after that I was always excited to see you. There was never a boring moment while you were around.

  2. Poor Bella:( She was a good Doggie.

  3. thanks and love.

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