Croydon crazy

Alice and the Mad Hatter in Croydon. And I think the rabbit passed out.

If you were one to dabble in drugs, I would recommend Croydon city center early this morning, where it would have tripped your trip to a new level.  I wasn’t expecting people dressed as pigeons to be walking down the street, or wheelie bins moving under their own power, but that is what I got none the less.  I was on my way to disc golf, so I didn’t stop to take pictures.  On the way back though, there were different performances like the Alice in Wonderland characters.  It was super amusing.  Thanks Croydon.  I hope they have more stuff like that again.

So I did some disc golfing in Croydon.  I ended up playing a round with some regulars there and they were all for me playing regularly as they don’t have many girls playing.  I was +25

Croydon! Leafy, beautiful Croydon.

for 18 holes, but I was happy with that as it was only the 2nd time I’ve played since last summer.  I hope this summer I can get in better form and bring that score down quite a bit.  My putting was really good though and I only missed 3 putts and some of them were tough.

On my way back home, I stopped to get some bedding.  Success!  I am sitting on a bed now that has like pillows and sheets and even a duvet on it.  The print I chose is very old lady English and looks like lithographs of Thomas Gainsborough paintings.  My previous bedding in the states was red, white and blue and had an American flag on it.  I wanted to keep the nationalistic theme going.

The best part of today was the bike ride home with all of my bedding via bicycle.  It really must have been quite a site to see me pedaling up London Road.  In the rain.  I warned the cashier before I left that if she heard of an accident involving an overloaded cyclist on London road, that it was me.  After a couple of adjustments along the way, I made it, quite easily with all my bedding.  Awesome.  After this I think I may  have to invest in a basket, and maybe some back racks on my bike.  It’s time to get serious about my hauling abilities here in the city.

A serious haul of bedding.

Ok, folks, I am going to try really hard to concentrate now and work on my dissertation.  That thing I’m supposed to be doing but am not.  The time is going to start crunching down on me very soon and I have lots and lots of data still to collect.  Eep.  Have a good night everyone!

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