Back in the saddle

Clapham Common: It is DRY here!

If you can believe it, I haven’t biked in 3 weeks.  That is unacceptable in my book, but today I changed all that.  I got back on the bike today though.    It was after about an hour of me attempting to put my front tire and handle bars back on the frame.  I attempted to go out once and quickly realized my handlebars were crooked, my front tire was off center and the tire was low on air.  Seriously, I’d be the worst bike mechanic on the planet.  After dealing with all that, I finally was able to take off.  I decided to bring my tools along any ways in case I hit any snafus, but all was ok (cept when my chain fell off after hitting a massive pothole, I was able to pull off the road).  The mission today was meant to be an exploratory one, to see what the bike routes in the area were like and to maybe see some of the sites.  The weather today was BEAUTIFUL.  Mid 70s, sunny with a bit of wind.  I do believe I even managed to get some color today.  Bonus.  The bike route (London cycle route 5 and 3) took me through some of the Commons such as Streatham Common, Tooting Bec Common, and Clapham Common.  It’s great to have so many green spaces so close to me. Riding my bike through these bits is the best part of the ride always.  And it still shocks me when I see so many people utilizing the green space of the parks here.  I guess that’s common everywhere.   Although I like parks and find them a necessary part of city infrastructure, I don’t utilize them as much as I should in the way of relaxing and lounging.  Maybe this is a sign I need to make friends and go hang out in parks more, you think?  Yes.  Any ways, It was so nice to be out biking again and my butt was telling me I’d

green machine back together and pumped to have done it's first ride in London. To a pub of course!

been away from cycling for too long.  I’m probably going to be sore a bit tomorrow.

I’d like to correct myself on an earlier statement: I did have a destination in mind when I left on my bike:  Cask Pub (Thanks Radek!) in Pimlico and try out their beer selection.  They have been voted best pub in the West of London this year and I can see why.  Their selection of brews was pretty impressive.   I can see me biking up their regularly.  It was about 8 miles each way, but I didn’t even mind as it was an adventure and nearly entirely flat the whole way.

On the way back, I attempted to get some bed linens, but I didn’t find much selection at the

Cask Pub's bar

store I went to.  I gave up and just got groceries instead.  This was probably a better choice as I had little in the way of food.  Also, I got a pyrex blow.  Those of you in Bend know my eating trough of choice was a pyrex bowl.  I know, I’m very fancy.  While it’s not exactly the same one it’s close and I’m looking forward to many delicious meals in it.  Yes, I get excited over £3 pyrex mixing bowls.

I would say today was highly successful.  Before biking I got the majority of my things unpacked and put away in their new homes.  Posters and other wall adornments still need to go up, but I’m happy with today’s progress.  Piccadilly is also happy as I washed her bed.  I didn’t notice that she took a wee in it yesterday, sometime before we left Preston.  No wonder she wasn’t going in it and was acting extra strange (ie sleeping in my desk drawer last night and today).  But this afternoon she was back to napping in her bed.  Good kitty.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Have a good night everyone!

A well deserved (half) pint. It was called Mt. Hood!

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