stop the madness

Back in Preston tonight for my last night here.  Tomorrow morning I’m back to London and plan on not going anywhere for a very long time.  This manic schedule is getting the best of me.  The dark circles underneath my eyes haven’t left in the last week and a half. Cleanliness is suffering.  I’m a wreck.  This weekend I plan on finding a nice bit of grass somewhere in a park and taking a nap all day on Saturday.

Rollin in my Benzo.

I was planning on taking the train back up here, but the car rental was not working out for that to happen, so I drove up North this evening.  I ended up with a benzo.  I preferred the peugeot.  I look totally posh though, especially her in Larches.  Tonight I packed up most of my things and put them in the car.  Tomorrow, just a bit to do, a quickstop up in Bilsborrow to sort some school paperwork out and then Piccadilly and I will be on the road to our new place.  Let’s hope that I don’t get lost in West London and stuck in manic traffic like I did on the way up here.


Ok, time to try to sleep.  I’ll leave you with this picture of a lorry I saw on fire driving today.  I was so happy not to be driving in the other direction!  Oh, this reminded me of a serious question that I need answering.  Why are semi-trucks called semi-trucks?  Like they are way more trucky than normal trucks.  Why are they only half trucks?  That is all.



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4 thoughts on “stop the madness

  1. sIRK

    Smoky *cough cough *

    • ldnphile

      I ALMOST started making a video when I went passed it. “I am on M40 this is colleen and there’s come kind of fire.” But the traffic was crazy so I decided to just take a picture instead. I could feel the heat off the fire through the car door.

  2. Eric

    A “Semi” is in reference to the trailer, not the truck pulling it. It is a “Semi” trailer because it only has wheels and one axle at the rear. “Semi Truck” is reference to a truck that pulls a “Semi trailer” …..I like Lorry 🙂

  3. Mary Powell

    Dreams really do come true and I am so thrilled that yours are coming true, Colleen. Living vicariously through you. Can’t wait for the next installment. Green with envy here in Bend, Oregon!

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