The mook!

Well I believe my trip to the US has been given a proper conclusion here at JFK airport.  I was looking for some lunch and spotted some ¾ ounce Tillamook cheeses!  Yes!  Life is good.  Of course I bought one of each and spread one on my salad and ate inhaled the other one in about 2 seconds.  Yum.  So I am a happy camper now heading back to England.

I have been pretty busy the last couple days with little downtime to get a good blog entry in.   Sunday I flew into Indianapolis and had a lovely dinner out with my sister Kris’ family and my niece Nikki.  We went out for some very delicious Mexican food and margaritas, which I can’t seem to find (yet) in England.  I stayed the night with Ninico and enjoyed playing with her kitty cat Max (aka Maxi Pad) who totally

Max obviously loves me.

loved playing with me as well as you can see by the picture.  He’s much friendlier than the Dilly cat and I always find that to be an anomaly these days since I spend so much time with a cat that doesn’t want anything to do with me or anyone else most of the time.  And that cat (Max) is a lanky bastard and very unlike Dilly cat in build.  But I still loved hanging out with him.  Oh and I guess hanging out with my nieces too.

Yesterday was my nephew’s grad party.  I did my best to be the drunk aunt hanging out and being creepy to all the young recently graduated high schoolers.  I don’t know how well I

Me and the Nini. And my new USA shirt.

did in my role, but I did try.  Unfortunately though I spent most of my time talking to my family and not enough time checking out the young meat.  And I couldn’t really get drunk as I had a disc golfing date with my nephew and it required me driving to a nearby park to do so.  It was weird to drive on the right side of the road as well as drive a automatic transmission!  Oh how quickly things change……  The party was a very good time and I got to see the rest of my immediate O’Sullivan family.  I was sad that there were only a few precious hours, which we got to spend together.  Hopefully one of these days the whole family can actually get together and spend a week or so in one spot for more than a day or two.  I would really like that.   Let’s work on that kids.

So the disc golfing in Indiana was good.  I had played the course before, but they only had baskets up and had yet to pour the tees.  Now there were concrete tees and tee maps.  But

Jonathan may need to work on his form a little bit.

the whole park was still under construction, so we had to walk through tall weeds and grass the whole time.  My nephew Jon Jon was pumped to go out with me and he actually sunk his last two putts at a decent distance!  He may be receiving some disc golf discs in the near future from his aunty Colleen so he can bug his mom to take him there all the time.

One week in USA: a success.  It was too fast with too much traveling, but I’m glad to have seen everyone.  The craziness won’t end when I get back to the UK.  I don’t want to jinx anything but I believe I may have found a place to live in London.  Tomorrow I will go down and look at it and hopefully get everything signed and confirmed.  Let’s hope for the best!  And on Monday I should be starting work.
That’s it for now.  Will blog upon my return to the former number 1 country in the world.

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4 thoughts on “TTYL USA

  1. katie

    We’ll miss you, but seriously, I think you made a grave decision purchasing that tacky shit (I mean shirt). TTYL.

  2. Eric

    Is that a Big Mouth Bass in front of the flag?? Sweet!!

  3. sIRK

    That shirt was so bad in person. The leaping fish was quite something. Jonathan misses you and your discs a lot.

    • ldnphile

      I think it is a nice shirt. One I’ll be sure to wear around London a whole bunch.

      I miss disc golfing with Jonathan. I’ll get him some discs as soon as I start making money. Or when Mary puts money in my bank account. Same thing.

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