More cheese

the newlyweds and i

It’s 2:45AM.  A little late to be up and blogging.  But that’s what happens when you go to a wedding and subsequently go out with the bride’s family for a night on the town.

Went to the wedding today and it was filled with normal wedding stuff.  I’m so happy the weather was beautiful all day.  We all had a great time.  Mike and Katie are a wonderful couple.  They are both so nice and sweet, it’s almost nauseating.  No, really fantastic people.

We just got back from our very important trip for the night, With Cheese Please.  We saw it

How could I resist?

last night walking back home and knew tonight that we’d have to hit it up.  It didn’t disappoint.  I love Katie’s family and her.  Even though I don’t know them that well personally, I had heard so much about them during the last 11 years that it feels as though we’re fiends.

But I’m tired and can’t stay up much longer without passing out.  As you’ll see by the below picture.  That picture is still happy though because I’m eating my grilled cheese.


Wow I look rough.

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One thought on “More cheese

  1. katie

    Are you fiends?

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