St Albans Grove friends

Yesterday, after some major logistical havoc of epic proportions in the morning, turned out to be a pretty nice and fun day.

Look at me! I painted my face and hands!

The fam and I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to meet up the rest of the fam and for a good tour around the grounds.  It was totally fabulous and I wish we could have stayed longer but we needed to get back to meet my friend who we ended up not meeting.  I think the only person to have a better time at the garden besides me (I like having all the trees named on little placards in front me.  Really helps with ID for sure) was Helen.  Helen my precious little niece spent the whole time running around (with marker all over her face) and checking out all the plants.  She seemed particularly keen on the rocks around the garden.  It was fun and far too short of a trip there.  Hopefully I can get back there soon and spend the time at the garden that it deserves!

In the evening I met up with my friends Ali and Carl, who had driven down from CT.  Both

Reunion party!

of them drank studied with me in London and it had been a couple years since I had seen either of them.   I was planning to see Ali this trip but Carl was an extra surprise.  After some serious deliberations on the meet up, it finally happened in Queens at a burger joint.  We had such a great time and I haven’t been that happy and laughing/joking so much in a really long time.  I’m so glad they came down and was sad, again, that it couldn’t last longer.  They are really fun kids and I want to see them both again soon!

Today we’ve done some necessary shopping for the wedding on Saturday.  Oh man, I had no idea how much American food I have missed at the grocery store!  And at Target.

It degraded into this. Not surprisingly.

Specifically large bottles of ibuprofen and things, in general,  in extra large containers.  Why is everything in such large quantities here?

Ok, we’re going boot shopping for me right now, so I must sign off.  Have a good day friends.

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4 thoughts on “St Albans Grove friends

  1. sIRK

    And by boot shopping, you mean boob shopping.

    • ldnphile

      Boob shopping was this morning. Boot shopping was this afternoon.

  2. ali

    I’ll see you in dec colls. I haven’t been that giggly and happier either.

  3. katie

    You failed to mention how nice it was of me to take such good care of your needs whilst you were in QNS.

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