#12. I liked this one.

Did the last week just happen?  I’m trying to catch my breath after a crazy week of travel, where Eric and I saw more than I thought we would in just a few days.  I’m surprised I survived it all.  I think my last post mentioned we were going down South and so we did.

On Friday we got in a nice round of disc golf in the Midlands at Quarry Park.  The weather held up and it ended up being a really nice couple hours just walking around some in pretty English countryside where we got to throw some discs.  The park was specifically designed for disc golf and it was TOUGH.   There were a couple of really narrow holes and we definitely ended up throwing our discs into the woods off the tees.  But it was fun and we met a nice Iowan working there.  Our scores were nothing to talk about, so I won’t bring them up.  In my defense I haven’t played officially since last August.  It felt good to be sore the next morning from throwing.  I’d definitely be happy to go back there soon and

Heavenly sandwich shop. I think Eric is wiping his eyes in disbelief.

play some more and get that score of mine down.

We had a few more hours to burn before I had to be in London, so we decided to take a detour to Oxford as it was on the way and I had never been there.  And both of us were ravenous for some food, specifically a good sandwich.  Knowing that Oxford was rather crunchy I figured we could get a decent sando there.  Just as we got into the city center I spotted a gourmet sandwich shop.  Dang, it was good!  I wish I would have gotten another one.  We didn’t have much time on the meter for parking, so we took a quick stroll through the center, picked up some delicious local strawberries and got back on the road to London.

Sunny Oxford

We got to London with only minor satnav issues. It liked to turn off or “lose satellite connection” at crucial parts of the trip, but luckily I read ahead on the directions far

Dinner next to Bath Cathedral. Awesome!

enough that it wasn’t that bad.  So we spent a quick bit of time in London checking out a place for me to live.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out, but it was good to see another area of London, knowing I could happily live there.

From London we went to Bath, where we were staying for the night.  It was a beautiful night and the streets were busy even when we arrived at 10 pm.  Again, we didn’t get to see much of the city due to our late arrival (we hit some serious accident traffic on the way) but we did manage to have an excellent dinner at a Indian restaurant right next to Bath Cathedral.  And Eric officially likes curry, which I figured he would.  I insisted on getting some scorching vindaloo curry, which I couldn’t finish because my insides were on fire.

New Grand Pier at W-S-M

The curry was still really good and I would like to go back to the restaurant and have some more!

From Bath we drove through Bristol on our way to Weston-Super-Mare, where our good friend Ben is from.  I wanted to see all the hype that exists about the town.  We were not disappointed!  We saw the donkeys, the slot machines, the many chip shops and most importantly the land trains.  And of course we could not pass up a chance to eat and drink at Ben’s local pub in nearby

Super pumped to drink at the Ship Inn after all these years of talk about it.

Uphill.  The food (fish and chips) was way better than what we had a couple days earlier.  It reinstated our hope that we could get a decent bit of fried food for 4 quid.  Plus the Thatcher’s Gold (cider) was pouring beautifully.   If we didn’t have to get going down south, I would have been more than happy to spend the rest of the day there drinking.

We were headed to Exeter for a party, which is on the southern coast of England in Devon.  On our way we managed to find a farm selling some fresh cider and cheddar cheese.  The cider was cheap so we bought 4 litres (which we made most of our way through that night) and the garlic cheese was yummy as well.  One of these days, I want to do a tour through different Somerset farms and drink myself stupid on scrumpy and cheese.

The party we went to was super fun.   The party was an egg drop party where we had to

Yum, a gallon of farmhouse cider.

devise something to safely transport an egg from the 3rd story of a house to the ground.  I think Team USA (ours) was maybe the most interesting with all the springs attached to it, but it failed miserably.  Our design was good and I think just a few tweaks would have made it a success.  We still won a prize for most scrambled egg, so not all was lost.   The rest of the party was great as we went out on the town in Exeter where we saw the most bizarre series of events to take place in a pub.  Our whole table was dying of laughter from the events.  I’d go into it in details, but I don’t think my writing could properly express what it was like to be there.  Besides that, the pub where we saw those events unfold was cool.  It was in the square surrounding the cathedral and downstairs there was even bones of someone/2 people!  Weird, cool and creepy!   We stayed out late and partied and enjoyed every minute of it.  A thanks to Becky and Emma for hosting a fantastic evening and letting us crash on the floor for a couple hours.  We had to get up early to get Eric to the airport on time at Heathrow.  It was ROUGH getting up that morning and getting our butts to London.  Eric was a trooper and

Maybe we should have had a better parachute.....

drove the whole way.  I don’t think I could have done it.  After I dropped Eric off, I drove to the other side of London to drop the car off and caught the first train back to Preston.  I had no problem driving in London, which was what I wanted to be able to do by the end of this week.  It was cool to drive through the city for a change, but I wouldn’t want to do it all the time.  I had to do it on a Sunday morning so there was no traffic.

So yeah, that was the rest of the trip.  Today I was going to pack up some more of my belongings, but I have no idea if I’ll be moving down to London right when I get back.  I’m having a hell of a time procuring a place to live.  So I might have to make some alternative plans for a bit until it happens.  It’s pretty stressful.  And tomorrow I’m off to the states for a week.  It will be fun, but it can’t come at a worse time of me trying to move!  Luckily, I have a great friend/roommate who is flexible with when I move out, so I’m happy about that.  It’s saving my sanity at the

The old well at the Wellhouse pub. Cool!


Alright, I think I’ve bored you enough.  I am making my way through my iTunes list. I’m on Kanye West’s “Addiction.”  I just listened to Graduation twice.  Why I have two copies of it on my iTunes is confusing me, but I think it’s my favorite Kanye album so I didn’t mind listening to it twice.  Hope to get an update in tomorrow when I get into NYC.  There’s an Icelandic ash cloud threatening my trip tomorrow, but I’ll hope for the best.


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3 thoughts on “Blurry

  1. katie

    That trip sounds very romantique.

    • ldnphile

      Does it? I guess it was to some extent. Except when Eric made me car sick from his driving.

  2. sIRK

    I agree with Storkbite Stew. I think you all are in lurve.

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