Wow, it’s like old times here in P-town.  I’ve got a Deschutes twilight in a coozy jersey, Eric is sitting here reading and I’m back to being a car driver.  Weird.
Today has been fairly random.  It started when Eric insisted we get fish and chips for lunch.  He wanted a proper fish and chips experience so I took him to a shop here in town which served up the fish and chips with plenty of salt and vinegar and Northerner attitude.  It was all wrapped in some butcher paper (to soak up the amazing amount of grease I guess) and we drove off to sit at the docks.    Apparently that’s what people do here.   They sit in their cars, staring out onto the murky, mostly flat water and eat chips.  It’s a bizarre phenomenon.  When we got back in the car after collecting our greasy papers, we could think of no finer or more appropriate place to enjoy our meal than the docks.  Well, the view as expected was terrible.  And so was the fish and chips.  Experience complete!  Mark it off the list.

English people are weird.

Tonight we drove to the country pub just 7 miles North of Preston for their outstanding pizza and even better atmosphere as it’s right on the canal and in a thatched roof building.  A must see for those of you to visit Lancashire.

We’re off to the South tomorrow.  I hope to get an early start and get a lot of sightseeing in.  And some disc golf!    More on our travels tomorrow.  Good night everyone.

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