This post is a bit late for Saturday.  But I’m going to disregard that.   Today I will attempt to do two posts to make up for it.  It doesn’t really matter as most of you who read this are probably sleeping.

Any ways, I couldn’t get my post in last night because I was busy on a Notting Hill adventure.  It’s of course the Churchill’s fault, as it usually is.  I start talking to people, more people come in.  Pints are bought, pints are consumed.  I get dragged off to some bar on Portobello Road and somehow end up walking aimlessly in Fulham at midnight.  What?

Biking to Trafalgar

We’ll get to last night in a second, but we’ll discuss yesterday day first.  I rode a Boris bike into central London.   That was nice.  It’s been cloudy/sunny and in the 60s here the last couple days.  Not bad for cycling.  I wandered the back streets, which were very quiet as it was Saturday.  No business people bustling about.  I wanted to go to John Soane’s house/museum at Lincoln’s Inn Fields but it was still closed.  I didn’t realize how early I woke up and was out and about.  After that, I happened upon Dr. Johnson’s house, but that was closed as well.  Great.
I kept walking and ended up at the Museum of London.  I hadn’t been there in a couple years.  It’s worth a visit, especially if you like London.  But I didn’t stay there long as I got called to come look at a house right then.  I think it went well.  Will probably check out another place today, but seeing as I absolutely hate looking at accommodation, I will probably just take the first place I saw.  It’s up in Willesden Green and close to everything.  And the roomies were excited to meet Piccadilly, so that’s nice.  I’ll write more about it once things are finalized.

After looking at the house, I rode all the way down to Borough Market, which was


packed with Americans.  I’m pretty sure it was 75% American.  I don’t blame them for being there.  Such good food there and I can see myself going there regularly.  I got a super delicious spicy sausage.  And some fresh English strawberries.  I wanted to eat everything.  But I refrained.

I think it was at this point I decided to go to Churchill.  It was a good day to be at a pub as the FA Cup Finals were on and I was able to catch the match there.  The match was good as was the company.  I made some new friends there, which seems to be the case anytime I wander in for a pint.  I even got invited to an exclusive birthday party there!  AND more excitingly, a guy wrote a poem about me.  Of which I will frame and keep forever.  It goes something like this:

A lady that sparkles like a shooting star,
she is from Chicago and ‘as travelled far
she said hello in the Chuchill arms,

A nice moment with all her charms
Colleen so sweet the kind of girl
you love to meet.   

Booyah.   When was the last time you got a poem written about you?  That’s what I thought.  I’m totally winning.  And the guy who wrote it also wrote a poem about the Royal Couple, submitted it to some contest and is one of the finalists.  I didn’t get any more details than that about the contest. But basically a famous poet wrote a song about me.

So that was that.  The night deteriorated from there, although it was still fun.  And this morning I feel pretty good.   I was worried about that at some points last night, but somehow I have won the battle against a hangover.  I thought I was going to stop this heavy drinking nonsense?  Guess not.  So that’s it.  I need to wander out into the wild blue yonder.   TTYL kids.

Churchill behind me, with Kate and William flags!

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