Before this night deteriorates into a  shit show or my computer dies or I pass out before I write, best get this post in.

I’m sitting at a pub in London.  Weird I know.  I just had a nice Shepards Pie and now

Blustery and apprehensive

finishing my pint of Cornish coaster or something like that.  It’s light and drinkable.  I’m not in the mood for a bender, so this is the perfect antidote.  Plus, I want to use the pub’s free wi-fi.  Booyah.

It was rather chilly with the wind blowing around in Preston.  Hence I’m all bundled up and such.  Since arriving down south, the weather is still a bit windy, but much warmer.  As would be expected.  I’m staying at a hostel right on the river Thames, opposite Battersea Power Station.  It’s nice enough.  I’ve really enjoyed staying at a range of hostels in London, testing out different areas and scenes.  This one is in a very quiet area on the border of Chelsea and Westminster, a bit far from tube stations, but I think I will survive.

Tonight, since I don’t think I’m going to look at any flats, I’m going to Craven Cottage to see some football for cheap.  The Fulham Academy boys are in the league final and it will be neat to see some up and coming players.  Um.  Yeah.  Tomorrow, let’s hope for the best in looking at places to live.  At the least Sunday will be a very good day here in London town.  Can’t wait.

Have a good weekend everyone.  Will check back in tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. Carlos

    That poem reminds me of this clip:

    Don’t fall for it! Remember, your Matt is out there..

  2. Carlos

    *post meant for “Churchill’d”

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