Rescue at dock

There are rumours circulating that my guess of Africa for a honeymoon vacation by the Duke and Duchess could in fact be correct.  Those jerks supposedly are in the Seychelles: my dream vacation and my dream place to get married.  I wanted to go out on a limb yesterday and say the Seychelles, but decided not to.  I would have looked like a total Royal Insider had I said it.  Shoot.
Today was quiet.  I’ve been scouring the apartment flat websites firming up some places where I can live and contacting the necessary people.  Hoping for the best this weekend.  My biggest accomplishment of the day was my body deciding to expunge just about every last ounce of mucus from my sinuses and lungs in a 30 minute period.  It was amazing and never experienced a mucus exodus on that large of a scale before.  I

Rescue me

think it was a combination of a quick run around the park immediately followed by a steaming hot shower.  It loosened everything up and sent it out.  This was very much needed as I’ve had a bit of a sinus thing the last week and a half.  The rest of today I haven’t had much discharge.  And I KNOW all of you wanted to know this.

Um….any who….todays picture comes from the Preston Docks.  I walked down there today on my way to pick up stuff for my kitty.  It was pretty pleasant out today.  Today when I took the picture I felt more like a dumb git than a perve in the forest.  The dock walkway was really busy as I was down there at lunch time.  There’s a little parking lot down by the docks (the docks btw which is just this empty bowl of water in the middle of Preston) and people sit there in their cars, looking out at the empty docks eating chips french fries.  It’s a very bizarre phenomena to look at.  The car park is always packed too.  I don’t get the appeal.  It’s got to be some sort of English thing I don’t understand.  Like mushy peas.  Yuck.  I’d take a picture of them all sitting in their car, but there would be too many people looking at me.

Well, that’s all I’ve got.  Looking forward to this weekend and being down in London.  Hopefully will be able to keep up with the updates down there.

Current iTunes song:  John Coltrane “Resolution” song 2457 out of 4676

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