The Prince and Me

I’m a bit fussed this evening about a couple of things.  1: Never seeing the first movie of the highly acclaimed and popular movie series The Prince and Me.  This is now on my to do list as I have now watched The Prince and Me 2:  The Royal Wedding and The Prince and Me 3:  The Honeymoon.  Thank you BBC for blessing me with these unbelievable nuggets of enjoyment.  I find watching the Honeymoon one quite poignant seeing as the Duke and Duchess have left on their honeymoon today.  I wonder where they went?  I’m thinking somewhere in Africa.
The other thing that has me fussed is hangovers.  They are dumb.  Must make a mental note to cut back on levels consumed.  I’ve been doing so well for many months and the last week I have completely fallen apart.  Obviously, I consumed these pints, but I wasn’t buying them.  And it’s darn well hard to turn down a free pint.

Today has been a movie day and a sleepy day.  Seeing as I will start working soon, I will enjoy to the fullest these sleepy days while they last.  But I did remember that I promised to write a blog and post a picture everyday.   It would have been terribly bad form to blow it on the 2nd day.  So I managed to get myself out of the house for a bit and go walk in the woods by my house.  Dang there was a lot of nettle in there.  I escaped with only a minor nettle encounter.  Thank goodness.  It was hard to find a place to prop up the camera.  The camera ended up balancing precariously on a branch of a Scots Pine.  Thanks Mr. Pine.  And I’m sure I looked like a total creeper walking into the wooded area with my camera by myself.  I sure felt like one despite the innocence of it all.  That’s all.  I have to finish watching The Prince and Me 3 and then maybe tuck into a bit of Gavin and Stacey.  Love it.  It’s very busy here today.  Ok, bye everyone.

Can you see me?

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