Seis de Mayo

Happy Seis de Mayo.  It’s a rainy/sunny/muggy/cloudy evening here in Lancs.  It’s been good to get some rain in the last 36 hours as it has been very dry the last few weeks and the plants needed a boost.
I wanted to say hello as I haven’t done so in a few weeks.  Sorry.  I have no good excuses besides being preoccupied with 100 different things which I am not normally preoccupied with.  But that is going to change.  I’ve got a birthday coming up here shortly and I’ve been thinking about what I can do to commemorate my last year of being in the 20s.  Yikes.  So I’ve got some plans for that and they heavily involve this blog.  You’ll have to tune back in on my birthday to find out.  Hopefully it will work out as planned and it might be kind of cool as well.

Any ways, I think I’m finally recovered from my weekend in London.  The Royal Wedding: well that was awesome.  I’ve started watching all the BBC coverage of it since I didn’t get to the day of.  This morning I finished watching the build up (Part 1 of 4) of their coverage.  Next up is the procession to the abbey, the ceremony and

The Duke and Dutchess

return.  I’m so glad I went down there.  It was such a fantastic atmosphere.  I haven’t ever experienced something on that big of a scale where everyone was just in such a great mood.  You could really feel the positive energy of everyone.  I only saw one bit of fussiness (involved with some Americans taking up too much space and an English couple not liking it), but it ended as fast as it started.  By the end, they were laughing and sharing stories with each other and everyone was happy again.   So yeah, I loved it.   It was reassuring to see humanity actually in full enjoyment of a moment.  A moment of love.  I think it says something about William and Catherine.  Had it been a different, less approachable Royal Couple you wouldn’t have found the same spirit surrounding the events.  But they really set the tone for the day.  So best of luck to Kate and Wills.

And also, it was so neat to share the experience with everyone via the facebook!  Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my pictures or posts or shared the pictures with others.  I was so happy to hear people were enjoying the photos and comments.  I love sharing my experiences in life with others and to know people are listening or watching makes it worthwhile.  So cheers everyone.

Ok, that’s it for me tonight.  I’m going to be boring and watch a movie checked out of the library for entertainment tonight.  My Wednesday night shenanigans I think still have me feeling dehydrated and a little bit sluggish.  Although painful all day yesterday, it was worth it.  Had a lovely time out on Weds.    Have a good weekend everyone!

Current iTunes song: Howie Day – “Sunday Morning Song”

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