Thank you weather gods!


I’m trying to type this post out through my coughing.  I just ran about a mile around the park and apparently that was too much for my lungs.  It loosened up something in the old wind bags!  Yikes.  I wanted to run longer but my right knee started feeling a little off, so I stopped running.  Bugger as I wanted to run 3-4 miles today.

Oh well.  None the less, it is gorgeous out today!  I foresee myself sitting outside working on my essay this afternoon.  Perhaps with an adult beverage in tow.  This whole weekend is supposed to be outstanding for weather here in the UK.  Tomorrow is the Fulham v. Man U game and it is supposed to be hovering around 70 and totally sunny here in the Northwest.  Spring is in full force!!!  Yey!  I was scheduled to ride my bike to Manchester tomorrow for the game, but I was getting hesitant as I didn’t want to miss the game in case something went wrong on my bike.  But now that I know the weather is going to be amazing and that I’ll be going through a lot of towns on the way, I think I’ll pedal down as planned.  Should be well worth it in the nice weather.  And I get to cheat and take the train back.

A quick new years resolution update:  I did 12 regular type push ups the other night.  I’m halfway to my goal!  I am also 3 assignments away from finishing my coursework for my MSc.  My reading of the 10 BBC books is going no where fast!  I think giving love to the world is going pretty well.  I think the love is picking up too. I might even be getting some back.  So that’s neat.  🙂

And as for my nails? Well….yeah, I’m failing on that.  But with a wedding coming up at the end of May, I’m planning on not biting my nails starting May 1st for that.  Hopefully they will look kind of ok for the wedding with 3 1/2 weeks of no biting.

Ok, I need to get cracking on some stuff for the day.  Looking forward to tomorrow in Manchester!  Go Cottagers!   Have a great weekend everyone.

Current song:  Citizen Cope  “All Dressed Up”

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