Current song:  Black Eyed Peas –  “Hands Up”

I just braved the elements for my cat.  40 degrees, windy and rainy.  She better appreciate the sustenance and kitty litter I procured for her.  It looks like she’s reasonably happy about my decision.

I’m excited because I came back to an email stating that one of my assignments is due a week earlier than I anticipated.  Even though we discussed it last week and decided on a date.  And it says so on our assignment sheet.  So that’s neat.  I guess it’s ok as it shouldn’t be a problem to do.  It just means I need to get a lot more done today!

Any ways, I’ve been enjoying a couple days of no writing here since Friday.  My Cottagers had a very convincing win this weekend.  They’re headed to Old Trafford on Saturday and so am I.  I think it should be a pretty good game as both teams are on a bit of a roll at the moment.  Going to try and ride my bike down to Manchester as well and hopefully be lucky enough to get a couple pints at Marble Brewery.  It’s been a while since I was there and I can’t wait to go back.

Besides that I’m off to the Black Country next Tuesday night after class for a conference.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Hopefully getting to see a bit of the Midlands as well after wards.
Couple weeks later, I’ll be in LDN.  Then in May perhaps a long bike trip or two and maybe a visitor or two as well!  Fingers crossed.

Just chugging along!  Before I know it, I will be done!  Yey!  And I’ll think “that wasn’t so bad.”  How quickly we forget the pain and drudgery of the past…….

Best get crackin on my work.  Happy Monday everyone.  Have a good week.


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