Cycling to silence

Current song:  Amy Winehouse “Me & Mr. Jones”

Out in the Lancashire Countryside

My cycle ride to the south yesterday didn’t go to plan.  I wanted to go to Chester.  Actually, I wanted to cross the Welsh boarder so I could officially say I’ve cycled to another country.  But  these things didn’t happen.  Instead I had to settle for a circling of the outer areas of Liverpool and then into the city center.
But it wasn’t a wash.  I got lost.  I had 2 maps with me, which gave me a rough idea I was, but there were a lot of times I couldn’t have told you where I was on the maps.  And nowadays, with gps and our highly connected society, it is rather refreshing to know I can still get lost in one of the most densely populated countries in the world.  It means you can put to use those navigation skills we as internet connected humans don’t often get to use.  And when you get lost on a bike, the only way out is lots of exerted energy.   So it’s a worthwhile learning experience.  And really there’s no way to lose.  I can give up being lost, find a train station 15 minutes later, and be sipping on a cold adult beverage in Liverpool within an hour.

I am looking forward to a lot more bike trips in the next couple months.  I have a few in mind and there are some wonderful trails to do here in the North.  How lucky am I to live in England and be blessed with Sustrans!?  What a tremendous asset they are to this country.  Without them, I would have struggled to get most of the way to Liverpool yesterday, or I would have ended up on some busy, unsafe motorways.

So yes, I think the cycle was a success.  I think I’ve calmed my brain down.  The muck of my life strewn on the path between here and Liverpool.  Hoping that it will be enough to have a good weekend of writing and researching.   Just have a lot going on in my brain and in my heart.  Opening myself to the world of possibilities is scary but so rewarding as well!

Any ways, if anyone wants to do a ride with me, please join!  It would be neat to have some company sometimes. And I now know I’m capable of doing about 70 miles in a day.  Probably could do more if someone else is with me and keeping me motivated.  🙂

Still listening to Amy….. I’ve listened to 123 songs out of 4650.  At this rate, I should be finishing this music challenge about August.


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