music challenge

Like most upper class, college graduate 20 somethings in the Western world I have a lot of music on my computer.  Most of it being music I quite enjoy, some I hate and force myself to listen to, and some I have no idea where it came from and what it is.  I looked at my song count today and I’m at 4650 songs which would take 12.9 days to play all of it straight through.  Of the 4650, I have 760 that I have never listened to in their entirety.

What I am proposing is to organize my music by artist and starting with the first artist (mine happens to be ABBA’s “Gimme gimme gimme”) and to play the whole lot from beginning to end.  A to Z of Colleen’s iTunes.  I realize I can not play it continuously as, but whenever I have the means, I shall play it in order.  I’m curious to see how long it will take me to get through it and how long until I go crazy from 4 days straight of OAR.  Not to pick on OAR, but you know what I mean.  Sometimes there’s only so much you can stomach of one artist at a time.   Hopefully I will be able to keep my patience.

I will start this experiment at 3 PM GMT (in about 3 minutes).  My last “random” song is going to be Robbie Williams “Millennium” which you can’t get more random on my computer, but is really an excellent song to leave on.  And I won’t be hearing it for quite a while.

I will keep you updated on my progress and my sanity.  Any time I post I will also let you know what song I’m on.  It should be an epic adventure.  Let me know if anyone else has done this and succeeded.  I think I did it in college but I only had about 1000 or less songs at that point.

Off I go!  The things I do to distract myself from school work…….

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