Big news

Yes, I have some tremendous news to share with all of you.  You may remember my 7 new years resolutions I set out with in January for 2011.  Well, 7 which became 6 after someone nicked my bike odometer.   One of them was to do 25 full blown push ups by the end of the year.  I think this is the one resolution I have been working the hardest on this year.   I’ve slowly been working my way to a more horizontal position (that sounds bad) with the push ups.  I’ve graduated to “girl” push ups in the last two weeks.  When I was younger I used to detest girl push ups because they were more like baby push ups.  And I totally wasn’t a baby.  Instead I did really crappy real push ups that did nothing for me.  I wasn’t any better off.  So I have been actually enjoying doing the girl push ups the last 2 weeks.  Doing sets of 10 and 15 throughout the day when I feel inspired.

Tonight I decided to try and do a real push up.  Like nose-to-the-ground push up.  And you know what?  I did 2!!!  2!!  And that was enough.  So there is hope that by the end of the year I can do 25.  Maybe I can do even more than that.  The main problem I experience besides pain is that my effed right shoulder moves in the socket and presses against the artery and nerve in my arm.  My whole arms swells and starts to hurt and then goes numb.  So I’m hoping that these push ups will help me develop enough muscle around my socket to keep the ball from moving so much.

That’s all I’ve got on this Saturday.  I’m still working on the same paper.  Yeah, don’t bring it up.  It’s a touchy subject tonight……UK planning policy is not anyway straight forward.  Every time I think I have it under control, I find another authority and another policy and framework and strategy and ugh……..that’s my Saturday.  Have a good night folks!

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