Green city in the Sun

Yes, you all know by now I have successfully navigated all airports to arrive in Nairobi safely last night.  I actually could have missed my first flight as I spent the night sleeping in the Manchester airport.  I finally fell asleep around 1:30 or 2 and I had to get up just after 4.  My decision to set the alarm on my clock was cluch because I was well asleep when it went off.

I got into the hostel about 24 hours ago.  I had a good night’s sleep.  The breakfast of eggs toast and tea on the outside patio was very good.  Nothing made me happier than to be sweating in the sun for nice change in atmosphere.  There was also some lovely people I got to chat to while having breakfast as well.

I decided to test out my vibrams on the streets of Nairobi as they seemed the most logical.  They would have been brilliant except I haven’t worn them in a few months and my feet were not happy about it.  The walk into town from the hostel was 3km and by the time I got into town my feet were on fire.  Pretty sure I could have cooked my feet for lunch if I wanted to with the heat coming off the pavement.  It was about 90 degrees and I was not used to that anymore.  My main goal today was to orientate myself with the city and go to the Nairobi National Museum.  I walked to the museum, which was farther out of the city center than I realized.  Having sweated out about a gallon of water, I took a break in the cafe for a bit.  The museum was really interesting and nice and clean.  Plus there was a pleasant little botanic garden as well.

After all this, I hopped in a taxi and went back to the hostel.  The last few days of traveling and getting ready to go had kicked my butt.  Plus my feet could stand no more.  My plan for the afternoon was to read and do a little bit of work for school, but all of that went out the window when I saw the Man U v. Man City game about to start on the tv at the hostel.  The tv “room” is a hut in the middle of the garden at the hostel with lovely day beds and a little pond just next to it.  It’s very nice.   It soon turned into a full day of matches, beer and lots of football talk with a bunch of English kiddies who are staying here.  If  I wasn’t surrounded by tropical plants and the turtles weren’t doing it right outside of the hut, I would have said I was in England.

Tomorrow I hope to spend a bit more time in town and figure out a plan of action for the week.  I’ve spotted a few more groups I would like to contact this week, so that’s good.  That’s all I’ve got for now.  Will try to keep you all updated on my travels and adventures as I go.  Cheers.

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