To the Dark Continent

Off to Kenya I go this Friday.  It has just occurred to me that I should be seriously packing instead of writing this blog and conversing to people via facebook posts.  No bother I guess.  I don’t need to get up at any specific time tomorrow.
Ok, so I am going to Nairobi and Mombasa for my research.  #1 and #2 biggest cities in Kenya.  It’s disheartening to only be going to those two places , but I think this will allow me to explore the areas surrounding the two cities in depth and get a better sense of what challenges they face environmentally.
Primarily I’ll be looking to interview some people, look at tree project sites and do some networking.  The networking will be important in another month or two when I produce my questionnaire.  More good terms with people = better chance they’ll fill out questionnaire.  Let’s hope for the best.
I am pretty chuffed to be going to Africa.  Especially Kenya, a country which has stuck out in my head since 1st grade social studies.  Now here I am.   Actually I’m excited to be going anywhere outside of the United States and the UK.  After thinking about it the other day, I realized I haven’t been out of those two countries since 2004.   Well, that’s disregarding the 3 or 4 hours I spent driving through part of Canada when I was trying to cut across from Michigan to Maine on one of my trips back in 2004 or 2005.  The speed limit signs in kilometers weirded me out and I wanted to be back in America.  So yes, it will be nice to see a new country for the first time in a long while.  And another continent to boot.
Besides collecting data,  I hope to get some relaxation time in as well.  Shoot, I’ll be staying just a few blocks from the beach in Mombasa, so I’ll be sure to get a bit of Indian Ocean time in.  I’m also bringing a stack of books with me to read and enjoy.  My plan is to leave them there as an offering to the travel Gods to grant me a safe and wonderful time there .  Should be a remarkable 2 1/2 weeks for me.
I’ll try to get some blog updates in while there, so look forward to that.   That’s all for now.  Best get on with the packing now.  TTYL.
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