New Site Design

It’s a little late to mention this, but hey, I changed the site around a bit.  I thought the other theme was really good, but since I can’t edit the color or set up of anything,  I needed to change it.  I was thinking of you, my loyal fan base.  The font was a little bit too obnoxiously green and hard on the eyes.  And I don’t even have to read it that way normally.  I get a nice easy black and white theme when I’m reading and writing my blog as an admin.  So this new set up should be a little bit easier on your eyes, although I’m not as fond of it.  Grass isn’t really my thing anymore, but at least it’s green.

Also I changed the name.  Yes, I’m stating the obvious here.  Thank you.  Colleen’s rants and rambles, although direct and succinct, lacked some imagination.  I needed something a little more idyllic.  After some clever use of my computer’s thesaurus, I came up with Woolgathering.  I’m quite fond of it at the moment.   There’s something quite serene about woolgathering.

That’s all.  Let me know what  you think.   Cheers kids.

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