Favorite part

My favorite part of riding my bike home is when I get to Ashton Park.  Especially at night.  It’s peaceful and quiet.  All that I see is my flickering bike light on the path in front of me, guiding me home.  Mentally, I go to the happiest place I can imagine.  I think about how blessed I am to be in the place I am in life.  That my 10 year old self would think I’m a fucking badass for getting to live in England and ride a cool green Schwinn bike around.  It inevitably puts a goofy grin on my face.  I’m at my calmest.  I’m at peace.  All of that crumbles when I walk indoors and no longer privy to the forces of nature.  But not to worry.  With any luck, it will all happen again the next night.

Life is hard.  There are challenges everywhere.  You can either surrender to them or take them on.  I want to live in perpetual challenge.  If not, I’m not trying hard enough.  I’m not putting in the effort life deserves.  Every time I put in the most effort, I gain the most.  But it’s a difficult thing to find those challenges which are worthy of your effort.  If you put yourself out there.  I like to imagine myself on a little inner tube out at sea.  Floating about.  Being pulled by the currents of water at times, but also directing yourself a bit.  If you let yourself be a part of the energy of the universe, feeling the ebb and flow of it all, you’ll be guided in the right direction.  Look out for the little signs.  You’ll find the right challenges.  Or perhaps they’ll find you.  It’s not always going to be what you want or how you imagined things.  You just need to trust in the system.  It’s been around a lot longer than you and will be here a lot long after.

Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead is playing on my itunes.  It’s 2:30 AM.  I think that’s the universe telling me I should call it a night and get some sleep.  Peace and blessings y’all.

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