That answers my question…..

So last night I was trying to get some travel insurance for while I am in Kenya as it seems like a good thing to do.  And I think I agreed to get some for my safety and ethics forms for my dissertation.
I came to a problem when they asked what my country of permanent residence was.  This was rather confusing as I am not sure where I stand being in the UK on a student visa.

Any ways, I emailed the company to ask whether I should put down that I live in the US or UK, as saying I live in the US is completely untrue.  The answer supplied made it rather easy to decide. (I hope you can read this:


Yeah, pretty sure I won’t be receiving long term health care in the US ANYTIME soon, despite Mr. Obama’s attempts.  UK it is.  Thanks for clearing that up travel insurance.

Yes, I know that story wasn’t that interesting, but it made me chuckle when I opened my Mail this m0rning.  Peace and blessings, y’all.

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