2011 Resolutions

I’ve made an incredible effort in my ill state to come into town to use the internet at the library.  And by golly I’m going to put it to full use by gracing you all with a second post of the day.  This post will be focusing on the year ahead rather than the past.  I’ve already sketched out a few New Years resolutions which I think may be accomplishable in 2011.  And here they are:

1.  Read not-yet-read 10 books from that BBC list that’s been floating around facebook.  Here’s the original post of it from the BBC.  It is actually a list of 200 books.  I am saying only 10 because there are too many other books I want to read right now that are not on that list.  I can’t be bothered too much after the epic read of 2010.

2. Do 25 real push ups. My ability to do push ups has been compromised over the last 11 years with my shoulder.  My right shoulder starts hurting after about 4 push ups. It has been compounded by my detest of push ups.  I’ve never liked them.  In the last 2 months though I’ve started doing some wall push ups and other modified ones, so I think that by the end of the year I will be able to accomplish 25 full blown push ups with no pain.

3.  Get an MSc in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry.  This should be doable if I don’t mess up anything too badly.

4.  Move to London.  That’s a sweet goal.  I like this one a lot.  It should be possible if I can procure employment there.

5.  Bike 1500 miles.  According to my calculations, I’ve biked about 3000 miles since I got my bike in July 2007.  But I have biked about 1200 miles in the last 15 months.  If I can go on some long distance trips and bike around town some more, I may be able to achieve this.  Actually probably not.  It’s a bit too ambitious.   My odometer just got reset to 0 so it will be easy to keep track if I do.  I’ll keep you up to date on progress.

6.  Give more love to the world.  This might be the most important.  And maybe in return I can get a bit of love back.  That would be nice.

7.  Chew my nails less.  Actually, this might be the most important.  My poor nails are getting into worse shape the older I get.  I should just stop completely, but I don’t think it’s possible.  Just cutting back would be a good start.  Baby steps.


Ok, I think that’s it’s for now.   That’s a good amount of goals for the year.  And now I am accountable by putting them up in a public domain.  Any one else have any intriguing resolutions for 2011?  Let me know.  I like to hear what other people are doing.  Good luck to everyone with their goals for the year!


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