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I have to say I spend quite a bit of time reading news stories from across the globe.  Probably more than your average 28 year old American.  And it seems as though everyday I get frustrated with how much politics and plays for power get in the way of doing good for one another.  Yesterday I read about unemployment benefits being held up in Congress because some (won’t mention names) wanted to extend Bush era tax cuts to the highest earners in the country.  Nothing like making those barely scraping by in America so people who have more than enough can put a few more dollars in their hedge funds.

Even outside of American politics, there’s plenty of corruption and deception happening all over the world in the way of gaining power and money for selfish reasons.

It gets me down.  It makes me sad that we can’t figure this out.  We’re so “advanced” but we let a billion people live in slums and not have access to clean water, food, and education.

But then I know there’s hope out there.  I know there’s people who are dedicating their lives to help out those who are struggling.  There’s organizations striving to figure out the problems of poverty.  And they are making a difference.  Maybe a small difference, but quite life changing to the individuals who have benefited from it.   These amazing stories of good may be disregarded by the media about 99% of the time, but we have to know that goodness is happening everywhere.  People are doing selfless acts all the time.  I’m lucky to have quite a few of these people as friends and it makes me so happy.

I read this story Sunday in the Independent about a family having their lives transformed from the help of people from the other side of the planet.  I thought I’d share it.

We can all do good.  We can take a time out of our busy lives to make a difference in someone else’s.  Even if it is just donation of money, it can mean quite a change for someone out there you may never meet.

I get inspired to change the world for the better every day from those who are already doing it.  It makes my heart swell with pride for the human race.  I’m so grateful for them for the inspiration.  I hope one day I can do the same.


“You have no excuses not to change the world.”

– Barack Obama

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#42 Beechcomings

Butte beech

Another tree book?  Yes, another tree book.  This one, Beechcomings, is about beeches, surprisingly enough.  Beech is not really a tree I have much history with.  I only learned to identify it last fall at one of my accounts on Awbrey Butte.  It was a copper beech and it was quite nice.  At the time I found it strange and surprising that it was able to survive where it was.  After reading this book though, I think more should be planted!  They are a very versatile tree and are perhaps under used in the states as a tree.  At least in my experience it is.  Any ways, the book was good.  It was a history of the beech in England.  Also a lot of history on woodlands and the shaping of them.  The author Richard Mabey is a well known author here in the UK and a respected naturalist.  I believe I will be reading some more of his books in the future.  I also got his book Food for Free.  It tells you loads of plants which you can eat.  Quite a few I recognize as “weeds.”  Had I known, I would have eaten them all instead of spraying them with pesticides.  My clients would have loved it.

So, less than a week of class left this year.  I will then kick into crazy reading mode at that point to make a strong push to get 8 more books read before the end of the year.  I’m not leaving much time for myself, am I?  I have two books which should take me less than a day to finish together, so there is some hope.  Get ready for a flurry of book posts the rest of the month!

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