Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas afternoon here in London.  And I’m hungry.  The kitchen is closed at the hostel right now as the staff prepares a Christmas feast.   I’m surprised at how many people are orphaned in a hostel in London at Christmas.  There are a lot of Chinese people here too, which I will presume to mostly not be celebrating Christmas.  Any ways, the Christmas meal starts at 2.  I hear it’s all you can eat and drink. That’s the best Christmas gift you could ever give someone traveling on their own at Christmas.  It should be fun as everyone at the hostel has been friendly and in fine spirits the last two days.
My favorite part of my time in London has been the girl at the hostel who asked if the water from the tap was potable.  I told her I think it was alright as I was pretty sure there hadn’t been a Cholera outbreak since the end of the 19th century.  She seemed satisfied with that.  She was from Wisconsin.  I will hope that her opinions and views do not reflect that of the entirety of Wisconsin.
Ok that bit about the girl form Wisconsin wasn’t really my favorite bit in the last 48 hours.  There has been some really good times.  Like when I found 5 pounds on the floor at the Royal Oak.  Or going out for drinks with Louise at a sweet new pub I had not yet been to.  Or the midnight bike ride around Knightsbridge/Chelsea/Kensington.   Or my new drinking partners at Churchill who are really excited to meet my mom.  All those were really good.  Today I’m expecting nothing less in the way of fun.  That’s the wonderful thing about coming to London for me.  I never seem to have a bad time.  Everything always works out, I meet new people and have a fantastic time.
Tomorrow my mom gets into London.  Plans include going to Dover, Greenwich and to a couple top notch pubs.  Nothing is definite so we’ll have a lot of time to make plans on the fly.
Ok, I’m off for the day.  I’ll hope to get another update in before I go.  Either way, a very happy Christmas and happy new year to everyone!
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2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. sIRK

    Don’t forget the hospital you visited. And the ambulance ride too.

    • ldnphile

      I know I should have blogged from Charing Cross Hospital. Not sure they have internet in a socialized hospital. Probably still using carrier pigeons.

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