#50 The Napoleon of Notting Hill

I just got a little twing of a lump in my throat and a tiny rising of the hairs on my neck as I wrote “#50.”  Cause that means I’m done.  I’m free from the tyranny of a new years resolution which has been well worth it.  Pushing myself to read so many books in a very busy year has been very rewarding.  More rewarding than having finished a semester of grad school that’s for sure.

So number 50.  Not the number 50 I wanted, but the one I ended up with.  The Napoleon of Notting Hill.  It felt like a book I had to read for school.  To me that means I should be able to pull out some symbolism, overall themes and a write at least 1000 word critical analysis of it.  I’m not going to go into any of those details here because they will bore you.  But I will say I thought the book was rather short.  It should have been developed a bit more with the fighting scenes.  But that is neither here nor there now.
I chose this book because it all takes place around Kensington, London.  I know the streets and the neighborhoods they talked about quite well.  So it was easy for me to imagine in my brain this nonsense happening where it happened.  It was a good read.  The whole war was built on a farce.  Hahaha.  Imagine:   A war being based on farce!   So obviously fiction……

So I’m done.  I will keep reading this year.  This night even.  No rest for the weary.  I will have a top 5 book list.  Actually a whole list of best of 2010, so get pumped for that.  Now you guys won’t be bored with stupid book reviews any more most importantly.  I know I’m tired of posting them.

That is all.  I have to get going.  The uni library is closing and I have to make my way to the other library before it closes to return all these books.  TTFN friends.

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