#46 Gross Misconduct

I’m so glad I’m no in business.  It seems dirty and slimy and yucky.  Especially the way Venetia Thompson was doing it.  Her story is one about the year leading up to the financial crash.  She was a broker in London before she was sacked for writing an article in the Spectator about the way things happened at her company.

I’ve had a very bad perception of big business the last week and this book did not help its cause.   I watched some documentaries about some food companies on BBC and the ceo or some big wig at Danone said sustainability was about finding a balance between the environment, economic and society.  Actually, sustainability has nothing to do with that.  I got mad about it and watched the rest of the documentary peeved.  These documentaries were obviously supposed to be objective.  They interviewed Michael Pollan.  It was funny to watch him try to be objective about big food corporations.

So it was an alright read.  I’m glad Venetia had the guts to write this book and tell it like it is.  The bastards are riding high and living life in excess while most people struggle.  Exploitation and greed, that’s what it is my friends.  Great.  Now I’m fired up.

Oh well.  Back to reading.  4 books.  15 days?  No problem.  I know what my last book will be if I can find a damn copy of it!  It’s proving to be difficult for some reason.  That’ll teach me not to finish a book in a reasonable amount of time.

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