#44 The Last Tortoise

If I keep reading a book a day, I’ll be able to actually relax part of this Winter Break!  As if I like relaxing…..

The Last Tortoise was brilliant!  I couldn’t have told you the difference between a tortoise and a turtle before this book (I can now, but I’m not telling you.  You’ll have to read the book.  Or just google it).  Yeah, a really good book about the extinction of tortoises around the world and that they are going extinct because people in Asia really like eating them and people in the rest of the world like them as pets.  They aren’t very good pets to tell the truth.  Most tortoises are unhappy and unhealthy in captivity.  Any ways, the book was about a lot more than tortoises.  It was about conserving natural habitats for animals, bringing animal populations back from the brink of extinction, the role of tortoises in ecosystems, and stuff about trees.  If you like tortoises, you’ll love the book.  If you are interested in environmental issues you’ll love the book too.


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