#43 The Silver Linings Play Book

I went to library.  Looked at some non-fiction books I wanted to read and decided the way to achieve 8 more books this year is going to be reading fiction.  After wandering the fiction section for a while, I chose three very random books.  Two of which I knew absolutely nothing about and the other one is an old movie.  A movie I haven’t even seen, but would like to see after seeing some bits of it on the BBC’s History of Horror.

My plan this evening was to drink lots of beer.  That did not go to plan as they ran out of the beer I was planning on drinking all night (Marble Bitter) after my first pint of it.  This was followed by one pint of porter that did nothing for me but make me want to go home.  It was during this 2 pint and dinner time that I knocked out 1/2 of one of the books I chose.  The Silver Linings Play Book.  It was alright.  As I read it, I thought it felt more like a movie script.  That kind of bothered me.  And having now searched for the title on the internet, I see it’s scheduled for release in 2013.  And maybe staring Bradley Cooper and Anne Hathaway.

It was alright.  It’s about a crazy guy on his way to righting his life again.  Meh.

All I know is that I have 7 books left to read in 17 days.  I say 17 days because Mum gets into London on Boxing Day and my reading time will be limited.    That is all.

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